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Parenting Skills Classes: Parents as Teachers

Free Parent Education Program

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Parenting Skills Classes: Parents as Teachers
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Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a FREE parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until your child enters kindergarten (usually age 5).  We are here to help you! This is the most important gift you could ever give your child.

Do you worry about...

  • the development of your newborn
  • your child developing like other children his/her age
  • finding affordable and quality child care
  • providing age appropriate fun activities at home
  • your 3-5 year old being prepared for kindergarten

As a PAT family member, you will...

  • receive personal visits during which your parent educator will share age appropriate development fun home activities that will help you, learn to observe your child, address your concerns and your child's development
  • have a chance to participate in parent group meetings that provides opportunities to share information about parent issues and child development
  • you will have opportunities to observe your child with other children and practice parenting skills
  • have access to a resource network that links your family to other community services


 For more information please call:  (314) 653-8084

Call today to schedule a free developmental screening for children 6 months to 5 years of age!


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