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Mathematic Resources



Khan Academy

This site is available anywhere, anytime with resources for teachers, coaches, parents, and students.  Partners include MIT, Stanford and others.  Math is just the beginning....

Edmodo - connects learners with people and resources to reach their full potential.

Math Fact Cafe  offers free, printable worksheets, lessons, flashcards for classroom or home use to build elementary math skills.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies is a free math help portal featuring interactive lessons, worksheets, and homework help with hundreds of instructional resources for educators, students and parents.

Cool Math 4 Kids makes math fun!  Games, puzzles, art projects all designed to master addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, division, fractions.

The Texas Center for Academic Excellence

          This site has over 120 technology lessons designed for at-risk 5th and 6th graders made by certified teachers throughout Texas and beyond incorporating clever graphics, pedagogy, and voice using Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Word. You will need to  make sure you have Java installed:


          Helping Teachers Use  The Internet Effectively:These sites have interactive math websites for 6,7, and 8th graders.

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Investigations/Scott Foresman

   Links Learning for Kids

          There are many concepts or big ideas that students discover as they  study math. Some of these ideas have been illustrated in audio with visual  lessons at this site . These lessons can help students  learn and check their understanding.

Educational Java Programs

          This Web site contains Java applets whose purpose is to be used as tools to help and enhance the education of children.


          This site illustrates and provides interactive arithmetic exercises and problems.  They contain a series of basic math lessons, which are a resource that can be used by math students in formal elementary education math classes, home schooling or elsewhere.

Calculators On-Line Center

Harcourt: Mighty Math       


         Shape, Space & Measure: Shape


          Area and perimeter

Math League

          Figures and polygons

The Math Page

Math Goodies

          Interactive Math Lessons With A Problem-Solving Approach

Math in Daily Life


Mudd `Math Fun Facts'

Open-Ended Math Problems


          Your Algebra resource

Quia - Java Games, fractions   

The Math Forum Home Page   


          Webmath offers math homework help and math word problems     

SOS Math

Math's Dictionary for Kids

          An animated, interactive math dictionary for kids which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language. Lots of online activities which load quickly.

Create a Graph

          The National Center for Education Statistics created this online tool so that anyone can make an  area, bar, pie or line graph and print it out or download the image to a computer or disk. Older students can benefit from the link that shows how graphs can be used in probability. Younger students will quickly learn the difference between the left X and Y axis when they need to create their own line graphs

Middle School Problem of the Week

          The Math Forum's Middle School Problem of the Week poses a new problem for middle school mathematics that teachers can print and share with their students. The solution is posted the following week, and past problems are archived on the site as far back as 1996.

Volumes of Mathematical Thinking

          Encouraging Mathematical Thinking: Discourse around a Rich Problem, presents a mathematics problem involving cylinders, as it was taught in six classrooms. It includes video clips of students in these classrooms, lesson plans from the elementary to the calculus level, an exploration of teaching practices, and discussions about how to encourage mathematical thinking.


          Lessons in Statistics for high school students and  teachers. There are downloadable data sets Every statistics concept is taught by manipulating real data on a spreadsheet or calculator. The data sets are sized for use in a 45-minute class period, and can by analyzed using either a TI-83 calculator or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. DIG Stats teaches all statistics from mean, median and mode to t-tests and ANOVA. The Web site is written to the high school student rather than to the teacher, and carries no advertising.

Stock Market Simulation Game

Mathematicians define "tessellate"  as covering a plane with a pattern, and it is a concept that interests scientists and artists, as well as mathematicians.

Intriguing Tessellations

What is a Tessellation?


          There are several pages here to support  lessons in addition in the elementary grades. Basic to more challenging levels are included as students progress, with pages on addition facts as well. Addition of money and estimating sums are also included. Each topic includes a background mini-lecture, then continues with  online practice and math games. Kindergarten through eighth grades are covered; see page bottom for an extensive selection of other mathematics topics.


          Four activities introduce primary students to fractions, focusing on their connections to real objects in the  everyday world, and on an understanding of fractions as parts of a whole. Extension and interactive activities are also provided, along with a matching worksheet and potential literature connections.


          This series of applets explores Angles and Parallel Lines; Congruent Figures and Triangles; Quadrilaterals and Conservation of Area; Similar Figures; Circles; and the Pythagorean theorem.

Pythagorean Puzzle

          This interactive proof of the Pythagorean theorem comes from the PBS Nova Web site. You'll need the Shockwave plug-in.

Euclid's Elements

          Discover how Java applets are used to illustrate Euclid's principles.

Polygon Angle Applet

          Draw polygons and tally up the measures of their angles with this applet.

The Math Glossary

Project Interactivate

          An interactive site for middle school math and science


Online Elementary Economics Lessons

          Link to 31 economics lessons that use children's literature to teach concepts such as: goods, services, producers, consumers, capital, and human resources.

Economic Research Service: U.S. State Facts Sheets

          This site provides state fact sheets with information on population, employment, income, and farm financial indicators for each state in the United States.


          Learn how the economy and the stock market work. Click the Money Vault and play Big Time Business.




Kids Online Resource

Visual Fractions

AAAMath: Comparing Fractions



SpeedMath Deluxe

          This math game asks you to make equations out of four numbers. The computer supplies the numbers and you supply the operation. Don't forget the order of operations!

A+ Math

          Try the math games at this site to improve math skills. Students can use the Homework Helper to check their work.

Count Us In

          These primary math games include several on counting, patterns, sorting and grouping, length, and volume.

BBC Number Time

FunBrain Math Games

          Pick a game and test your skills. Try Soccer Shootout and Fresh Baked Fractions. Operation Order uses algebra to build a pyramid, and a correct answer in Change Maker adds money to your piggy bank.

          This site has organized online math resources for students, teachers, and parents. Find links to homework help, free math lessons, family math projects, and solutions for everyday math problems. Review Basic Math, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, and Statistics.

Math Problems & Puzzles

          The Math Forum scouts sites to make it easy for teachers to find the resources available for their own purposes. This site contains a large collection of links to puzzles and problems.

 WebQuest: Using Area and perimeter, Design a Fun House

WebQuest: Area, perimeter, and money computation, Trading Spaces



Math: Expanded Form

          These sites are designed to help kids understand and practice writing numbers in expanded form. Here you will find explanations and definitions of expanded form. Included are online exercises, quizzes, worksheets, board games, and in class activities.

Math: Place Value

          These sites focus on place value and cover basic concepts and place value charts. Includes many interactive games and quizzes. There are also some activity ideas and video clips.

Ratios and Proportions

          Learn about ratios and proportions. Find out how knowledge of these mathematical concepts is used in everyday life. Includes lesson plans, animation, online and printable worksheets, online exercises, games, and quizzes.

Mathematics and Bridge Construction

          Learn how to plan, design, calculate, and construct a model of a bridge.Find out how mathematical concepts of ratio, proportion, and scale are implemented in the bridge building process. Includes worksheets, lesson plans, an online truss calculator tool, and games. There are links to eThemes resources on building bridges, architecture, and mathematical ratios and proportions.

Middle Eastern Geometric Art

          Learn how Islamic artists represented their beliefs in logic and order through the geometric patterns in their art works. Find out what star patterns mean in intricate Middle Eastern designs. Learn how to create

geometric patterns using geometrical shapes. Includes photographs, drawings, and lesson plans.




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