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 Dear Jennings School District Friends and Families,

Welcome to the Jennings School District where we are committed to continuous improvement. The focus of our mission is to ensure that each student develops a passion for learning through challenging curricula. We are a community of learners committed to excellence in education.

Our theme remains the same: Students First—Enlightening, Empowering, and Engaging the Community through Excellence in Education. 

Jennings Senior High is the 2017 Monsanto School of Excellence Awardee, being #1 in the region in graduation rates and 100% College and Career Placement rates. Jennings Junior High School has been a Salute to Excellence Awardee for at least two conservative school year. Fairview Elementary School is rank #5 out of all schools in the St. Louis Region based on the state Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) in math for 2017. Jennings received an upgrade in July 2017 on the Standard & Poor (S&P) Global Rating to “A” for strong financial performance.  

We believe that with everyone’s help and support, sustainable excellence in education can and will occur. We continuously update our webpage to give the world real-time images, information, and inspiration and media reports regarding our district accomplishments and activities. We encourage parents to visit their child’s school and volunteer. Please take time to explore our links to each school on our web page and explore our district calendar for key dates in which you can become involved.

This school year will be an exciting school year of new accomplishments. We invite our community members to partner with us as we work as a team in helping students prepare for the future. I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact me anytime at It is a privilege to serve the families of the Jennings School District. Thank you for your continued support.   


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 Jennings Junior High leads 2.8-mile trek to raise money for a well in Kenya

American Graduate Champion 2017 - Dr. Art McCoy



Dr. Art McCoy
Superintendent of Schools
Jennings School District
2559 Dorwood Drive
Jennings, MO 63136
Phone: (314) 653-8000  • Fax: (314) 653-8030




Dr. Art McCoy 314-653-8002
Superintendent Email Dr. Art McCoy
Dr. Gwendolyn Diggs 314-653-8000
Assistant Superintendent / Executive Director of Educational Operations Email Dr. Gwendolyn Diggs
Dr. Rhonda Key 314-653-8100
Director of Secondary Education/ Principal of Jennings High School Email Dr. Rhonda Key
Mr. Michael O`Connell 314-653-8000
Chief Financial Officer Email Mr. Michael  O`Connell
Mrs. Stephanie R Alexander 314-653-8000
Director of Federal Programs and Personnel Services Email Mrs. Stephanie Alexander
Mr. Jason Crahen 314-653-8036
Chief Technology Officer Email Mr. Jason Crahen
Mr. Henry Ilges 314-653-8068
Director of Facilities Email Mr. Henry Ilges
Mrs. Yolanda Elkins 314-653-8000
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Email Mrs. Yolanda Elkins

Jennings School District | 2559 Dorwood Drive Jennings MO, 63136 | (314) 653-8000