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STEAM Careers & College Prep Academies

 The Jennings Career Preparatory Academy Initiative will provide exposure, empowerment, and educational enlightenment to students from Preschool-to-PHD-and-Professions. A minimum of 1,000 students will be a part of this initiative and up to 2,600 students total will benefit from this initiative through rigorous, industry-validated career- themed curriculum that incorporates current industry standards, practices, assessments and STEM integration. We aim to foster cross-curriculum collaboration so students can make connections across subject areas with corporate and industry leaders, local colleges and universities for college credit. Jennings will provide mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, scholarships, post-secondary education, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities to 100% of our students by graduation. Our students will not just survive, but thrive in society!

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GEMS at Monsanto

Forensic Science is well underway at JSH STEAM College & Career Academy

Woodland/Hanrahan Student News Report:  10-21-16

News Channel 4 Reports:  Students breaking down stereotypes with technology

Jennings STEAM Career Prep Academy flyer

Jennings STEAM Career Prep Academy flyer 2

Watch the Jennings STEAM Careers & College Prep video

The future of IT: Bluemix for Girls inspires confidence in young women

Jennings Senior High School students gain lab experience at UMSL

Comics and Animation 101

Jennings Junior High Well Walk


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