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The Missouri Option Program is designed to target students who have the capabilities to complete Missouri high school graduation requirements, but for a variety of reasons lack the credits needed to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma.  

The program specifically targets those students who are 17 years of age or older and are at least one year behind their graduating class or for other significant reasons not able to be successful in a traditional high school setting.
Students will remain in school and are not counted as dropouts when it is time to take the HiSET Test. Once the school district issues a diploma, participants are then counted as High School Graduates.
MO Option students attend class Monday through Friday for three hours per day. Program requirements include employment, community service, and a passing grade on the Missouri and US Constitution tests.

HiSET Testing

In order to take the HiSET test in the state of Missouri, you must first apply. Upon receipt of the authorization to test, the applicant will also receive a list of Adult Education centers (for training) and HiSET Testing sites so you can preregister to take the test.  

Contact a HiSET Testing center (provided with your authorization) to make an appointment to take the test. You will need the following:

The cost of the test is $95, which includes a $60 registration fee for the cost of the test and $7 for each of the five test sections to cover the costs of administering the test. Because examinees do not have to complete the entire test at one time, students can take the test in sections.

The $60 registration fee allows individuals to test three times during a 12-month period. Examinees who do not pass the test the first time can retake the entire test or any of the test sections two more times within the 12-month period by paying an additional $7-per-section fee.


  • Online/Internet system
    • Create Profile - need an email address
    • Create UserID and Password
    • Schedule testing an pay ETS fee
      • Credit Card
      • Electronic Transfer
      • Paypal

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Test Prep:


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