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Mission of Career and Technical Education

To prepare students for a wide-range of careers by offering programs that incorporate rigorous academic and technical standards. Career and Technical Education programs will provide students critical workforce skills such as problem solving, communication, and teamwork to ensure career and college success for all students.

1. Increase student proficiency on post-secondary assessments by 30% 
2. Increase student participation in dual credit, dual enrollment, and CTE programs which produce an industry recognized credential 
2. Improve tracking system for college and career readiness activities
•Increase student entrance into college/university and military placement
•Increase student achievement on TSA/IRC, ACT, Compass, and/or ASVAB
3. Expand College and Career Readiness programs:
•Adopt new programs based on student and community interests
•Increase student participation in college and career readiness learning activities
4. Increase community partnerships (scholarships, internships, job shadowing, dual
   credit, articulation agreements, etc.)

MSIP 5 Performance Standard 3: Indicators 1-3
College and Career Readiness:  Secondary Assessments

•Students who are interested in the Military will take the ASVAB test
•All Seniors are required to take the ACT and COMPASS
•JSH is now a COMPASS test site and students will be assessed in November 2013
•All Seniors will be registered for ACT testing this fall and receive test prep and
  transportation to their September testing site

MSIP 5 Performance Standard 3: Indicator 4
College and Career Readiness: Dual Enrollment/Credit, and Technical Skills Attainment

•There were 9 students who earned college credits during the 2012-2013 school year
•There are 54 students enrolled in college courses this school year 

MSIP 5 Performance Standard 3: Indicators 5–6
College and Career Readiness: Percentage of students who complete a CTE program and attend college/military or find employment

•The district will have all students complete a focused career path



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