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Review your career plans.


Determine the type of college you are looking for.


Collect information about colleges:


  • College Fairs
  • Guidance and Counseling Office
  • Internet college searches
  • Request admissions information and school catalogs
  • Review college Web sites
  • Attending college rep visits at your school


Attend College Fairs


Register for College Exams:  ACT and SAT and take the SAT Subject Tests (if required by your college).


Make arrangements and visit college campuses.


Ask employers, teaches, and guidance counselors for letters of recommendation to include with your application.


Take the ACT and/or SAT


Attend College Fairs


Applying to Colleges:


  • Narrow college choices to 5 or 6 schools and complete applications.
  • Meet with guidance counselors or MCAC Advisor or Educational Talent Search Rep to mail transcripts and answer questions.
  • Note admission deadlines, pay close attention to Early Action/Decision requirements and deadlines, and financial assistance deadlines.
  • Meet with college representatives when they visit your school.


Work on admissions essays.


Finalize portfolios, auditions, writing samples, or other evidence of talent if required.


Begin scholarship search.


Attend college fairs and financial assistance nights.


Follow up to ensure letters of recommendations and transcripts have been sent. 


Contact the college financial aid offices to determine which forms are required.


Take or retake College Entrance Exams (ACT or SAT)


Take SAT Subject Tests if required by your college.


Finalize your admissions application.  Make sure all applications/transcripts are sent to colleges before the holidays.  Keep a copy of all forms you submit.


Collect Information for Financial Aid Applications.


Register for PIN at


Research and apply for other financial assistance such as local or private scholarships.


Ask your parents to file their tax forms as early as possible.


Submit Mid-Year Reports for Private Colleges (if required).


Attend Missouri FAFSA Frenzy or Tax Preparation/FAFSA Nights at your school site.


Submit your FAFSA to the processor as soon as possible.  Complete the form on-line at


Submit the college's own financial aid forms.


Finalize scholarship applications.


Research taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams. 


Rank your preferred colleges.


Narrow your college choices and make campus visits.


Watch for your Student Aid Report (SAR) after you file your FAFSA.  Carefully check your SAR and make any corrections online.


Watch the mail for school acceptance and financial aid letters. 

Review, sign, and return appropriate correspondence. 


Final decisions should be made and all colleges notified of decisions. 

Make any deposits required.


Complete applicable AP exams. 


Tie up loose ends:


  • Financial aid/scholarships
  • Housing
  • Entrance requirements


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