About Jennings School District

Jennings History
Jennings School District has a long and distinguished history, extending back over 125 years to 1871. The School District of Jennings is located in North St. Louis County and is adjacent to the City of St. Louis. It is composed of three small townships, Jennings, Country Club Hills, and Flordell Hills, with a total population of approximately 20,000. The School District consists of over 3,000 K-12 students. We have eight schools and one alternative program. The district's schools are Fairview Primary, Fairview Intermediate, Northview Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Hanrahan Elementary, Rose Mary Johnson Junior High, and Jennings Senior High. Each school has a principal and an instructional specialist or coach supporting the implementation of a rigorous academic curriculum. Jennings also has an alternative program that supports secondary school students who need an alternative programmatic setting outside of the traditional secondary environment. The alternative program is the Jennings Educational Training School (JETS) whose goal is to inspire academic excellence and civic responsibility. The Jennings School District engages in the learning process with honesty, creativity, dedication, and respect, and seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of freedom and trust in a safe and nurturing environment.

The mission of the Jennings School District is to ensure that each student develops a passion for learning through challenging curricula, rigorous academic standards, innovative, stimulating educational environments, and a passion that education is a lifelong pursuit.