Jennings School District's curriculum documents for each grade level are below. Jennings uses Washington University's My Sci Curriculum and the Project Lead the Way curriculum to support science.

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2017-2020 STEAM High School Curriculum
NAF is a national network of career-themed academies typically located within public high schools. They are designed as small learning communities within these schools, which helps to facilitate a personalized environment. NAF academies offer high school students a unique opportunity to explore potential careers. Students get to meet business professionals and participate in activities that reflect the business world and enhance the academy’s traditional and career-focused curriculum. Through this experience, NAF academy graduates are better prepared for college, career, and future success. JSH will provide seven pathways in Hospitality & Tourism, Finance & IT, Health Science, Arts, Engineering, Education, and Industry Certifications. Of these seven pathways, four serve as routes to NAFTract Certification.


The benefits of NAFTrack certification for Jennings graduates includes:


  • Access to expertise from business professionals, exposure to work environments, and opportunities to hone professional skills
  • NAFTrack certified graduates get special hiring consideration from a growing number of top US and global companies
  • Scholarship opportunities only for NAF students 
  • Paid internships build resumes 
  • Support post-graduation through NAF alumni network
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Model School Curriculum

The Social Studies Curriculum Sequence for Grades 6 through 8 is as follows:

  • Grade 6:  World History and World/U.S. Geography (featuring an introductory level Civil Rights Unit)
  • Grade 7:  American Civics (with major Civil Rights Unit and Economics with Foreign Policy
  • Grade 8:  American History, Beginnings to Reconstruction, with CPA reaching the Progressive Era of the 1920s.
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Project Lead The Way