Safety Network

The Jennings School District has an emergency crisis response team, or Safety Network, located at the building and district level.  Building administrators and personnel coordinate tasks for local emergencies, with assistance from the superintendent, school safety officers, associate superintendent, safety and security coordinator, and other administrators as required.  District counselors and social workers provide crisis recovery.

This Safety Network receives training to insure proper responses to emergency situations within our schools. In addition, these team members have the responsibility of overseeing and inspecting the building emergency kits, and attending individual school safety walk-throughs.

Emergency Kits: 
Safety Network representatives and school nurses work together to prepare an emergency kit of supplies to accompany building staff during evacuations.  The kits, one per 100 students, are placed strategically throughout the buildings and contain a first aid inventory necessary to stabilize injuries until public safety personnel arrive. The kits are checked twice a year to ensure that sufficient inventory is maintained.

Information about applying to be a Jennings Safety Network member can be obtained by contacting your local school principal.