Security Measures in Place

Schools are required to comply with federal school safety directives and Missouri state requirements for educational facilities.  These plans ensure that the District is responsive to a variety of critical incidents.  These measures include:

  • Daily review of local, national, and world events by the Coordinator of Safety and Security
  • Maintaining a heightened state of vigilance
  • Employee identification badges and visitor sign-in procedures
  • Security cameras in all of our buildings
  • Crossing Guards placed at intersections for our students' safety:  Jennings Station Road and Emma, across from the police station (2 people stationed there); West Florissant and Sunbury, near Woodland and Hanrahan; Lucas & Hunt and Horde; Horde and Cozens, in front of the candy store and barber shop; Jennings Junior High, at the stop sign and the cross walk (2 people); Shannon and Cozens;  Northview, at the driveway into the school and at the corner crosswalk (2 people); and Halls Ferry Road and Cozens, in front of the senior citizen residence.
  • Emergency communications and messaging systems

  • School "Law Enforcement Unit"

  • Police officers from local agencies in all middle and high schools; daily contact with elementary schools
  • Front Door Security Systems at all buildings
  • Safety drills for fire, tornado, earthquake, and intruder
  • Critical Incident Response and Assessment Teams in every school/building
  • Crisis Response Manuals
  • Missouri School Violence Hotline: 1-866-748-7047, or Text "Report it" to 847411 (be sure to include school name and city location)
  • St. Louis County Safe Schools Hotline: 314-889-SAFE (7237)